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HistoricStateLandAcquisition (FeatureServer)

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Service Description: Old growth timber areas of the Adirondack Park, New York State.

Service ItemId: 92fa8421d52641b182ac07da04b9e941

Has Versioned Data: false

Max Record Count: 1000

Supported query Formats: JSON

Supports applyEdits with GlobalIds: False

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Description: The original data was collected by B. McMartin, who compiled a map of lands acquired by the State in the Adirondack Park. This information was based upon various sources, including a 1920 series of publications by the NYSDEC. Field checking by McMartin and others was also performed. The original map was a 1:250,000+ scale Great Lot map, color coded with five category types.

Copyright Text: NYS Adirondack Park Agency

Spatial Reference: 102100

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Units: esriMeters

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