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Service Description: Storm Damage resulting from the 1995 Adirondack Derecho.

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Description: Data was generated from 1:18000 scale color aerial photography captured by DEC Division of Aviation in July and August 1995. Interpretation of photography involved use of a sampling grid placed upon each photograph where each grid intersection depicted the point center of a 50 acre square parcel. Damage determination for each point ( representing the surrounding 50 acres ) was based upon change in the visible crown, consistently referenced by crown density scale. Each sample points damage value was recorded onto a 1:24000 scale paper map; Geographic position between photographic observation and corresponding map location maintained. Lines were generalized on the map around points of similar damage intensity, and thereafter digitized directly into an ARC/INFO coverage. Attribute labels were added along with the polygon datafield DAMAGE conveying the severity (L, M, H).

Copyright Text: NYS APA, NYS DEC

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